How we do it

How we do it

We provide our clients the opportunity to live an inspired life by leading them through a series of conversations about what they want their lives to look like.

These conversations include:

Initial Conversation

A one hour complimentary interview allows us to get to know you, assess the type of relationship you are seeking, describe our services in greater detail and determine if our Financial Life Planning process and your needs are a good fit for a long term relationship.

Discovery Conversation

This is where the heart of your planning begins. We will spend 2 to 3 hours in this meeting exploring your mission, vision, values and goals. The outcome of this time together is to discover and articulate a compelling vision of your deepest life aspirations.

Obstacles, Opportunities and Strengths Conversation

This meeting typically lasts 1 1/2 hours as we explore the obstacles/dangers/greatest concerns you have about the future. At the same time, we want to identify where known or hidden opportunities lie and what strengths each of you brings for dealing with these dangers and opportunities. We all tend to think in terms of three emotions. First, there's fear. We're all scared of losing something. Second, there's excitement - excitement about what can be gained in life. And finally, there's confidence which comes from having a sense of strength... from having various resources to accomplish what's important in your life. 

Investment Behavior Conversation

In this 1 to 2 hour meeting, we discover the “money messages” that you live by, discuss your ability to tolerate risk and review the various money and investment experiences you have had over time. We also provide some initial observations of your current investment situation and get further clarification on issues raised in the previous Discovery Conversation.

Financial Life Plan Presentation

This is the culmination of the time and hard work to which you have committed. We present your customized Financial Life Plan with specific recommendations to start you on the path to living an inspired and fulfilling life. This meeting typically takes two hours as we review the strategies, tools and tactics that reflect our experience and wisdom and how it will be applied to your unique situation.

What’s Next Conversation

After you have the opportunity to review your Financial Life Plan, we get together and begin making decisions on the Action Plan recommendations. The Action Plan details what needs to be done, who is going to be responsible and when it’s going to be completed. We believe this step is critical to achieve real progress towards your life goals.

Wealth Management Updates

Spreadsheets are linear, but life is not! That’s why systematic measurements, on an ongoing basis, are important for the success of your Financial Life Plan. For each client, we discuss and establish an appropriate meeting schedule to measure progress, make changes and deal with the real issues of life as they occur. Your initial Financial Life Plan is a blueprint that must be flexible and have the ability to change with your life circumstances.

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